Sopressata fail

I’ve tossed out my first batch of sopressata. (sad face)

There were several contributing factors which lead to the uncertainty, and eventual binning.

  1. I used an out of date packet of culture – 6 months out of date, but stored unopened in the freezer. I used pretty much all of it to compensate. I’m fairly sure this wasn’t the cause but it added another element of doubt.
  2. I didn’t have the means to accurately test the PH drop of the meat after fermentation (I’ve since bought a PH testing pen)
  3. They grew some pretty funky looking mould where the links were close together at the top. (see pics)


So there you go. I could have wiped the mould down with a vinegar solution and they may well have been fine. They did smell great, with a nice sour twang.

I’ve got all the stuff to make another batch, so I’ll get cracking again.

As they were on their own in the chamber, I left them in there for about another week or so after I decided they were no good, so the mould got a lot worse as you can see in the pics:

Mouldy Sopressata
Mouldy Sopressata


Mouldy sopressata cross section
Mouldy sopressata cross section
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