Saucisson sec

Saussicon sec is a traditional dried French sausage, heavy on garlic and black pepper. 

  • 1Kg diced pork shoulder
  • 125g diced pork fat
  • 10g fresh garlic
  • 3g cure #2 (pink salt #2, instacure #2, the one with nitrate and nitrite in)
  • 8g sugar (I think I used demerara, but whatever you have)
  • 20g Sea salt
  • 5g black pepper
  • Natural casings

Soak the casings in tepid water for an hour or so, then rinse them out thoroughly with the tap, trying not to lose it all down the plughole.

Grind the pork shoulder and the fat separately, then mix with everything else so that it’s well combined. Keep everything as cold as possible. Partially freeze the meat and fat if you like, to avoid the fat smearing when grinding.

Stuff it into your pre-soaked casings

Saucisson sec coil
Saucisson sec coil
Saucisson sec closeup
Coily close up

Once you’ve got a nice long sausage coil, twist it up into whatever length links you want, then sterilise a needle and give them a prick here and there all over to help them dry evenly.

Record the weights of the individual sausages, label them and hang them up in your super-duper dry curing chamber until they’ve lost about 30% weight.

No super-duper dry-curing chamber? No problem, just hang them somewhere about 12-15C, and dark with about 60% Relative humidity. I hung these in an understairs cupboard, on skewers above a bucket of salted water. Just check them once a day. I found that my min / max recording temperature / humidity meter was very useful here.

Saussicon sec after hanging
Saussicon sec after hanging

They’re really tasty, but next time I’ll stuff them into hog casings and hang them in my converted fridge, regulated by the fridge controller. I had to slice these super thinly to get them at their best, so I think a larger diameter would help. Also I’ll pack them a bit tighter if I can, there were a few small air gaps in the middle.

Overall – I like them and I’ll make more, but I’ll put a bit more black pepper in next time. I’ll make another post when I make some more, to compare to these.




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