A box of Southdown sheep

A friend of mine is a hobby farmer, he raises rare breed cows and sheep, which he lends out for “conservation grazing” on various bits of land around the local area – Stately homes and such. Some of the new commercial breeds won’t eat the local flora, but the heritage breeds are happy to – they’ve been doing it for hundreds of years – so this makes them valuable to land owners because they help to manage the land. Whenever he sends a cow or sheep to slaughter he’ll give me a call. He doesn’t have any pigs, unfortunately, but I’m working on that 🙂

Here’s what I got in my lamb box for £50 last time around

Southdown sheep jigsaw
Southdown sheep jigsaw

Not bad, eh?

It’s much cheaper (and tastier) than the meat from the supermarket, and they were raised, slaughtered and butchered within a few miles from my home.

This is Southdown sheep meat from a hogget (slightly older than a lamb, but not quite mutton yet). He also raises Dexter cattle and English Longhorn cattle. The Dexters were super tasty. Looking forward to some of the Longhorns sometime soon hopefully…


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