Finocchiona sliced

An Italian pork and fennel salame from the Tuscan region. According to legend, it was invented when a thief stole a salami and hid it in a fennel field. When he returned to retrieve his sausagey swag, he found that the fennel had flavoured it beautifully. Probably not true, but a nice story nonetheless. Anyway, onto the »more

Sopressata fail

I’ve tossed out my first batch of sopressata. (sad face) There were several contributing factors which lead to the uncertainty, and eventual binning. I used an out of date packet of culture – 6 months out of date, but stored unopened in the freezer. I used pretty much all of it to compensate. I’m fairly sure this wasn’t the cause »more

Pancetta arrotolata

Pancetta arrotolata

Pancetta is Italian cured and dried pork belly. Pancetta arrotolata is exactly the same, except it’s rolled and tied up before hanging to dry. If it hasn’t been rolled it’s called pancetta “tesa” (flat). To make it, buy a good quality piece of pork belly, with the skin on. Trim any uneven, flappy bits off, and square the edges so »more

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